About Us

Who we are

On March 2018, Purr World Store was created by cat lovers just like you because we realize how hard it is to find trendy yet useful cat products all in one place at reasonable price. A lot of cat owners go from different all-together-pet stores to find better deals yet trendy products and majority of the time, they struggle finding the right ones. So, they get other pet products instead. This has caught our attention to build a small business based on entirely just for cats to make it easier for cat owners to shop.

Our Passion

Here at Purr World Store, we are not a generalized pet store, instead, we sell specifically just for cats to make it easier for cat owners to shop. We thrive to deliver happiness for cats and to the people who love them. That is why each product that we sell are chosen by our hearts because we are inspired by the everlasting connection that cat lovers have with their cats.

Our Team

Our superior customer service team are always available to help you make your purchasing a smooth experience. So if you have any questions, concerns or not satisfied about your order, just please let us help you and we will get to you as soon as we can because you are protected by our Rock Solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.